Welcome to the Rochdale Routes to School website - using data collected from pupils, parents and educators we have developed material to help plan the safest route to your school.

The Greater Manchester (GM) travel plans website provides assistance on how to develop and implement an effective travel plan both in GM and across the UK.

Features include news, events, case studies and a local advice centre providing specialist guidance from the 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester.

The National Standards for cycle training aim to promote a nationally agreed uniform syllabus and guidelines for all cycle training in the UK.

This consists of three levels now called "Bikeability" that progress a cyclist from basic control skills, to riding on busy roads including multi-lane filtering techniques and busy roundabouts.

Anyone completing the syllabus will become a competent and confident rider able to ride their bike anywhere and in all conditions.

By establishing the National Standards, the Government has set out a nationwide, uniform programme of formal training which will reassure those wanting to cycle that they have been instructed in the essential skills and procedures wherever they live in England.

One of the UK’s most successful projects in bringing about travel behaviour change amongst our young people by enabling them to cycle to school.

Bike It is designed to give children the skills and confidence to travel under their own steam, and parents the peace of mind to let them.

Interactive Mapping
Interactive Mapping
shows safest routes
with all crossings and hotspots marked
based on results from
our extensive user surveys
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Routes To School are dedicated to providing accessible information on the safest journeys and methods of travelling. Our surveys are based on direct data collected from the public and using other methodologies such as handheld data recorders. Find out more about how the data was collected.

Partner organisations within the Greater Manchester region include CycleGm whose website features interactive maps of cycling routes and GreatAirManchester for all the information you need on air quality throughout the ten regional authorities.
Road Safety Links
Safer Cycling courses  CLICK HERE
Free information for parents from our Road Safety staff  CLICK HERE
School Crossing Patrol Vacancies Temporary or Full time   CLICK HERE
Visit the GreatAir website for a range of information on air quality across the Greater Manchester region

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